We want to provide an update regarding Greenville United’s meeting on February 12th, 2016 with a subcommittee of the Greenville College Board of Trustees. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss “How can Greenville, a Free Methodist affiliated institution that takes a traditional view on marriage, best help gay and lesbian Greenville College students?”. A small group of Greenville United members were invited to offer suggestions to board members.

The board subcommittee has been reading through Love is an Orientation by Andrew Marin, and they requested additional reading resources, which we are providing today. Among other suggestions, we have encouraged trustee members to allow for safe spaces for current students to go, in order that they might have a trusted person and space in which to talk about their sexuality.

While the College still holds to its “traditional” stance, we have been encouraged that through this process, they have intentionally reached out to us as a resource and welcomed us back. We also offered, and intend, to be a more regular resource for the College, especially as they approach Title IX legalities.

As a sign of good faith, and in an effort to support Greenville through the loss of the MAP grant, we are asking that members donate as they are able to the College. If you feel so led, you can enter “in honor of Greenville United” or “member of Greenville United” under the optional gift designation space.

Thank you for your continued support along this journey. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.