UPDATE: 300 signatures and growing…

Good morning Alumni & Former Students,

In less than 48 hours, we have collected over 300 signatures from those of you who share our concern about the proposed changes to the Lifestyle Statement. If you signed before this afternoon, you will be included in the hard copy of the letter that gets delivered to the Board; signatures will not be posted to this website. Please encourage people to keep signing, even after we send the first draft!

We know that our numbers do not yet reflect those whom we have been unable to reach. We have also received emails from many people, who share our affirmation of LGBTQ people, but who do not feel able to sign the letter because 1) some are not ready to take a stand publicly, 2) some are not alumni (students, former faculty and staff, etc), 3) some feel uncomfortable with the overtly Christian language in the letter. We are encouraging people to write letters or start conversations with members of the Greenville administration or board with whom you have relationships, because there is nothing more powerful than your personal story, and though this group letter does its best to try and incorporate a range of feelings and experiences, it’s near impossible to get everything in without writing a treatise.

Friends, please remember those individuals on campus today who may be struggling with these issues in isolation. It’s never easy, but especially when everyone around you is voicing heated opinions about you.

Thanks to all the folks who were courageous enough to sign!